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Welcome to Gimnasio Bilingüe


This school has an international pedagogical curriculum in which it encourages to children's motivation, recognition, experimentation, exploration and discovery that develop in the process of bilingual learning in early childhood.

Our School facilities

Our school is a bright and spacious facility overlooking. The classrooms are open planned and offer different areas of age appropriate learning. The school is equipped with the latest up to date educational equipment from the international standards  to support the children’s learning. 

Our Classes


Our school focus on bilingualism (English-Spanish). therefore, our classrooms offer a wonderful space for our small class sizes divided according students' knowledge and level of education.



The school has two safety playgrounds for our kids.

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Our school has a library with more than 1.000 books, Audio CDs, DVDs, stories, videos, encyclopedias, posters, flashcards and so on where the whole community can book any of our materials. 



Our classrooms have natural light where students have beautiful and perfect spaces that make them feel good to be at school  and learn about art, living plants, music where appropriate and comfortable seating. The classrooms also are tailored to the topic, but all will have interactive stations where hands-on learning can be experienced by all them.

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